Everybody Pants Now!!

Well, I promised less depressing, and today I shall deliver!!! If anyone hasn’t witnessed the beauty that is NBC’s Parks and Recreation, then…you’re dumb in luck!! I rummaged through numerous YouTube clips to share a few of my favorite scenes from the show, just to give you guys a taste of what you can expect. If you hate Amy Poehler (and joy/laughter), you may as well leave now. Cause you’re about to feel the whiplash of both!

Here’s Leslie Knope (Poehler) drunk. If I were to ever be inebriated, I hope I handle it as gracefully as her:

Leslie consuming a lot of sugar:

Here’s Leslie really pissed off. This is how I respond to many situations as well:

Leslie pissed off even more, this time over misuse of waffles. Replace the waffles with pizza and I can definitely relate:

The aftermath:

An example of Leslie’s numerous and ridiculous accents:

Leslie’s womanly roar (one of my all-time favorites)

Leslie, Queen of the Gays! (another favorite)

Leslie’s bad dates:

One of the most uncomfortably fantastic moments ever:

Alright. I think I may have gone a little overboard with the amount of clips posted. But I really just couldn’t control myself. As an added bonus, here’s a sample of the other equally fantastic characters on the show:

Ron fucking Swanson. Quite possibly the coolest character ever created. He hates a lot of things. Like taxes. But has a beautiful heart.

This is Ann, Leslie’s best friend. So awkward. Which is why I love her.

Tom and Donna, a fantastic friendship duo. Treat yo self!!

Andy. So dumb. So lovable. Like most of this show.

April. The most passive aggressive character ever. Which is why I love her.

This is Jerry. Probably the character I relate to the most.

Chris. His body is a micro-chip.

Ben. Another guy I relate to.

Well, if you managed to watch every single one of these clips and are still not convinced that this show should be watched, then you probably don’t have a soul. So go find it before Thursday at 8:30 EST!

Have a wonderful day.


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