The Stupid. It Burns!

Back in my first post, I mentioned how I had hoped to someday soon become the equivalent of a B- in terms of being a functioning human.  Well, that may have turned into a self-fulfilling prophecy.  While I am still at about a C in that regard, my GPA is definitely reaching that “goal” this semester. This week I was bombarded by mediocrity in pretty much all my classes, day after day. So many B’s.  While part of me is relieved that my grades are finally demonstrable of my true level of intelligence (I will take this moment to brag about my 3.94 GPA last semester), I liked feeling that I was tricking GW/my transcripts into displaying me as the smartest kid in all the land. knowledgeable. Not anymore!! I guess there’s still time to turn things around, but motivation has been lacking, and I’m already starting to get into a summer mentality (as in my mind is starting to shut down). Doesn’t help that the weather here has been so ridiculously amazing that the prospect of sitting inside, writing a paper or studying, just seems like the most outlandish thing I could possibly do.

Speaking of beautiful weather, this week wasn’t completely saddening.  I went with my friend to the Cherry Blossom Festival and now have some pretty ridiculous pictures of me posing with trees!

This really is the most beautiful time of the year here, and I’m glad I decided to give myself a break for a change and do something non-school/work related. I just wish the trees could have waited a couple weeks to bloom so my mom/sister could have gotten to see them when they visit me in April. Oh well. More time for them to go shopping while I dutifully sit in stores pondering how/why my life led me to that moment!

Also, seeing The Hunger Games this weekend was fantastic. I was worried that it wouldn’t be, that a PG-13 rating would take away from some scenes or that there would be the dreaded Twilight love-triangle emphasis that wasn’t really a factor in the first book. Luckily none of that happened. I came to some pretty strange conclusions while watching the film, like Peeta looks so much better when he’s covered in dirt and blood then when he’s dressed nicely with gross slicked-back hair. Or there’s my friend who couldn’t stop thinking about how Canada fit into everything that was going on in Panem. Craziness.

That’s it for now! Thanks for reading, and I will leave with a song from the Hunger Games soundtrack (thank God there was no Taylor Swift actually playing during the movie).



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