I’m a bit of a mess, and would like to share the extent of my messiness with you. I’m in the process of attempting to figure out what to do with my life, and I figured I might as well document that bumpy road here.

This is a blog about travel, about self-discovery and self-deprecation. It is about insecurity and introspection, about fear, awkwardness, doubt, hope, and regret. Mostly, it is a blog about me attempting to navigate life the best I can, with no floundering left untold. I hope most of all that there is someone reading my stories, my introspection, and feels in some small way connected or inspired, inspired to go out and see just a small fraction of the beauty that lies beyond the horizon. We’ve only got one shot at life, one chance to experience all that we can, one opportunity to truly, unequivocally, feel.

I suppose, then, this is a blog about me attempting to take my own advice.


Miss ya, bud.


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